The Brattleboro Section of the Green Mountain Club is made up of about 100 outdoor enthusiasts with a broad range of interests and experience levels.

We maintain about 9 miles of the Long Trail starting at the crossing of the Winhall River (north of Stratton Pond) to VT Routes 11/30. We provide maintenance on 2 shelters: William B. Douglas Shelter and Spruce Peak Shelter. Many day hikers walk to Prospect Rock, which overlooks the deep Downers Glen in the foreground and provides an excellent lookout at Manchester and Mt Equionox.

Approximately 3 of the miles of our portion of the trail is within the Lye Brook Wilderness Area. The general terrain of the trail is very suitable for snowshoeing and backcountry skiing, maintaining an elevation between 1700' and 2600' throughout. This trail corridor is also the footpath for the Appalachian Trail.

We hold an Annual Business Meeting in March of every year, to elect officers and get entertained. We usually have a slide show from a far away place, such as bicycling New Zealand or canoeing down the Mackenzie River into the Arctic Sea. This meeting is usually held at the Dummerston Center Church.

List of Officers for 2017-2018

Director: Matt Wels tirfor AT (802)-595-5187
President: George Roy Neogeo03106 AT (603)-381-7756
Vice-President: Jason Cook webadmin AT (802)-546-1177 (landline)
(617)-413-7428 (cell)
Treasurer: Phyllis Weltz phweltz AT (802)-463-4724
Secretary: Joe Cook jfcook3 AT (802)-257-0609
Website Administrator: Jason Cook webadmin AT (802)-546-1177 (landline)
(617)-413-7428 (cell)
Membership: George Roy Neogeo03106 AT (603)-381-7756


The Brattleboro Section operates under a set of bylaws. Click here to download the bylaws.

Our love of the Vermont countryside includes many activities that are Long Trail oriented. We also hold events that provide recreational activities, like bicycling, snowshoeing, canoeing, backcountry skiing, and also provides volunteer opportunities for trail and shelter maintenance. No Brattleboro Section event is complete without ample time for fun and feast. There are many social events, such as pot-luck dinners, schedule planning sessions and a Christmas get-together in the Brattleboro area. Our events are open to non-members, regardless of experience levels. Suggestions for events are welcomed. And we try to have at least one or two events per year for young children. We publish a Schedule of Events twice a year, which we have here on the website. If you would like to get receive special notifications and our Schedule of Events through your email, please contact the section website administrator Jason Cook at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.