As the volunteer maintainers of a section on the Long Trail / Appalachain near Manchester Vermont we have opportunities for people who would like to come out to volunteer with us and help with the maintenance of this section of the trail. Each year we hold one primary work event on a Saturday in the spring to get the trail ready before the start of the hiking season, and another primary work event on a Saturday in the fall after the end of the season. Both work weekends traditionally have optional overnight camping on the trail Saturday night. Trail maintenance work includes activities like clearing brush and downed trees, erosion control and tread hardening work, checking on the shelters and cleaning up trash, painting blazes, etc. Both events can be found on the section schedule on the main page of this site. These events are open to the public, but please be aware that we do ask you to contact the event leader listed on the schedule at least 36 hours in advance to discuss secifics of the event, weather or fitness concerns, exact meeting time and location, tools/equipment, etc.